African-American Genealogy Workshop Announced at the Library of Virginia

The Library of Virginia will offer Researching Your African American Ancestors: Genealogy to 1870 on September 29 from 10 AM to noon. Cara Griggs, reference archivist at the Library of Virginia, will discuss methods and resources for African American genealogy prior to the end of the Civil War. Workshop participants will explore ways of determining whether an individual was enslaved or free and what types of records will be useful for further research based on this information. The workshop will focus on records from the Library of Virginia collections including cohabitation registers, free negro lists, wills, deeds, Bible records, and personal papers, as well as selected federal records that can be accessed through its databases. To register for the workshop, call 804-692-3592.

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  1. June Carter Perry says:

    Can you please provide the address of the library? I am researching my grandfather’s family, likely from Amhearst County, VA. Name: G.C. Pendleton, born in Arkansas 1885, Father Herbert Pendleton, Mother Laura Bangley, daughter of Charles and Indiana Bangley of Virginia. Census documents through 1920 classify the Pendleton family as ‘mulatto.\ I would like to find the Pendleton family connection; some research leads to Minute Man, Reuben Pendleton; the Bangley family derives, it seems from a Frenchman, Nazareth Bangley. My grandfather was a French speaker. Your directions and suggestions are appreciated.

  2. admin says:

    The Library of Virginia is:

    800 East Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23219-1905
    (804) 692-3500

    Open Mon-Sat 9-5.

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