June 3: Next CVHR Meeting

Topic: Part Two: Commonwealth vs. Judy (slave), 1859

Alice Cannon will reveal what she has learned since her presentation in March 2009. She then told us about Judy, aged eight, who was tried and convicted of attempting to murder her mistress, Margaret Rogers Terrell of Glen Echo. Judy was condemned to hang, pardoned by Governor Wise, and sent to the State Penitentiary in Richmond. The document indicating Judy had been delivered to the prison was the last known trace of her.

In the past year Alice researched Judy’s family, the Woodfolks, following them through Emancipation and afterward. In the process she has learned of Judy’s return to Albemarle County and her family.

Next meeting of Central Virginia History Researchers: Thursday, June 3, 4 PM, at the Jefferson Library

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    Attending: Alice Cannon, Ben Cannon and Azusa Kobayashi; Jean Cooper (University of Virginia Library); Steven Meeks (Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society); Shelley Murphy; Al Sharp; Laura Smith; Cinder Stanton (Monticello: Research Department); Bob Vernon; Laura Voisin George (Morven); Billy Wayson

    Alice Cannon pressed on through the falling trees to tell us the whole remarkable story of Judy Woodfolk: from trial (1859) for attempted murder at age 8, arrival at the Richmond penitentiary, sale to the south, marriage in South Carolina in a time of intense and often violent racial conflict, and, in the early 1880s, return with her husband to the Woodburn community in Albemarle County, where her family members lived. It was fascinating to learn about Judy Woodfolk and Alice’s detective work in tracing her eventful life.

    New to our group this month was Laura Voisin George, Director of Research at Morven for the UVA Foundation. Billy Wayson, who has been before but not in a while, is looking into the issue of slavery and the Quakers of Green Spring, Louisa County.

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