CVHR Meeting (January 3, 2019): A Charlottesville Double Bill

Jeff Werner , the new Preservation Planner for Charlottesville, filled in for Charlene Greene
who had asked the group for feedback on the West Main Street Interpretation and Signage Program as
prepared by Howard and Revis Design. Jeff asked that the group think about the “top ten” memories
that would represent the area and be reflected in the proposed signage, for which $15,000 has been
allocated. We asked Jeff to come back and talk to the group after the lively CVHR responses were shared

Andrea Douglas spoke about the new Jefferson School African American Heritage Center projects and
particularly the Origin Project which would lay out what the area was like after Emancipation when 52%
of the local population was African American. The 1870 map of Albemarle and the location of its many
plantations would be displayed so the large migration of freed people can be better understood.
Working on this project are Niya Bates and Elizabeth Klacsynski, the education coordinator for JSAAHC.
Jordy Yager is mapping the racial covenants of Charlottesville for an interactive map on racial zoning.
The story of who stayed in the county/city will be illustrated in the story of 6 families who can trace their
lineage from Albemarle plantation times.

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