CVHR Meeting (Sep. 6, 2018): The People Who Stayed: The Enslaved Community of Oakwood Plantation and Their Descendants

Andi Cumbo-Floyd spoke about her project to research the enslaved community that had historically lived and worked at Oakwood Plantation in southern Albemarle County.  While the Harrises, the family that originally acquired the land via land grant and bought up surrounding parcels, had no papers, Andi was able to locate – with the help of several people in CVHR – the names of several families who worked and lived on this and surrounding plantations.  She also found, as is often the case, that many of those families had stayed in the immediate vicinity of the plantation and continued to work on the place where their ancestors were enslaved well into the 20th century.  She told of the research waymarkers shared by CVHR members, the trail she then followed, and the findings she made when she met with some of the descendants of the enslaved community at Oakwood Plantation.

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