CVHR Meeting (Hidden in Plain Sight: The Holsinger Photo Archive and New Visions of Charlottesville’s African American History)

John Mason, UVA professor of history, spoke to us about a project to create a multi-media exhibition of Rufus Holsinger’s late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century portraits of African Americans, which are a striking refutation of the racial stereotypes of that time.  About 500 of Holsinger’s 5,000 portraits are of African Americans, and many of those are currently unidentified.  The project team, representing UVA and the Charlottesville community, is developing a process for identifying the sitters and is particularly interested in stories that can be told about individuals and families.  They will begin seeking public input in early 2019, including hosting a Family Photo Day.  But if you have information to share now, you can contact John at
For the Holsinger Photo Collection, see  and search  “African American.”

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