CVHR Meeting (Sept 11): Looking Fowards and Backwards

Philip Cobbs and Sam Towler will take us northeast to Barboursville and west to Afton Mountain.  Philip will give us a look at the Cobbs family of Barboursville, which he calls a journey from Echo Valley to entitlement. Sam will present his research on the now-vanished community called New York at the foot of Afton Mountain in Albemarle County.  Founded by Sam’s ancestor, James Hays, in 1799, it existed as a town until about 1856.  He will also cover neighboring farms around New York and provide information on the African Americans at the Brooksville, Crobarger, and the Cedars farms in Greenwood.

** The African American Heritage Center is located in the Jefferson School City Center in Charlottesville, 233 Fourth St. NW.  There is plenty of parking.  It is on the second floor at the south end of the building. We meet at 4pm.


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