CVHR Monthly Meeting (July): Share Your Thoughts and Discoveries: a Roundtable Discussion

This is an open meeting (July 10, 2014), with no speaker.  If you have a topic you want to put on the agenda for discussion, let me know before the meeting.  Also, this is an opportunity for short reports (5 minutes or so) on discoveries you have made, research avenues you’re pursuing, things you want to share.  This also provides a chance for you to ask questions that regular meetings didn’t allow for.

I’d like us to discuss how CVHR can best participate in the several Albemarle County projects that intersect with our activities, like the African American Heritage Trail, the post-Bypass interpretive plan for Hydraulic-Union Ridge, and current initiatives of the Parks department.  Other topics include: ideas for future speakers; strategies forCVHR’s future, including website and database; and new ways to share what we have learned.

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