December 3rd Meeting: Free People of Color in the Gibson’s Mill Community

Our next meeting of the Central Virginia History Researchers will be held: Thursday, Dec. 3, 4 PM, at the Jefferson Library

Topic: Free People of Color in the Gibson’s Mill Community

G. C. Waldrep, professor of English at Bucknell University, is coming down to tell us about his in-depth research on the people of Gibson’s Mill in western Louisa County.  In describing the evolving mixed-race (and presently white) community, he will explore the meanings of “mulatto” and discuss some interesting court cases and families (Gibson, Branham, Mason, Ailstock et al.), some with Albemarle County connections.

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  1. admin says:

    Attending: Paul Brockman (Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society); Alice Cannon; Shelley Murphy; Shirley Parrish (African-American Genealogy Group [AAGG]); Lynn Rainville (Sweet Briar College); Gayle Schulman (AAGG); Al Sharp; Dede Smith; Cinder Stanton (Monticello: Research Department); Steve Thompson (Rivanna Archaeological Services); Sam Towler; Bob Vernon; G. C. Waldrep (Bucknell University)

    G. C. Waldrep, down from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, gave us a fascinating glimpse of the mixed-race Gibson’s Mill community in western Louisa County. He has mined a succession of court cases bearing on racial identity that shed light on the perplexing legal and social attitudes toward people of mixed race in Virginia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. – Cinder

  2. Teresa Snyder says:

    Did anyone take notes of this presentation? One branch of my family lived in the Gibson Mill area prior to their migration to southern Ohio in the mid 1830’s. This particular branch of my family tree slipped and slid its way back and forth across the color line for nearly a century. My family appears to have descended from both the Gibson and Branham families so this topic would have been of significant interest.

  3. Davida Zike says:

    I am sure my ancestors came from this community. Is there anything in print regarding the research done in this area?

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