CVHR October Meeting (6th)

Topic: Enslaved Community at Bremo

We’ll have updates and announcements until 4:30. Then Andi Cumbo will tell us about her work on the people who were enslaved on the Bremo Plantations, established in the early nineteenth century by Gen. John Hartwell Cocke. She is writing a book that blends formal historical essays and creative personal essays in an attempt to tell the stories of these families. As part of this project, Andi has been seeking out descendants of the Bremo slaves.

And we’ll also discuss a good time to take up Andi’s generous invitation to us: an opportunity to visit the grounds of Bremo.

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  1. I am a descendant of William Graves who ran a store and lodging house at the Mechum’s River Depot from about 1848 until 1855. Through a remarkable research trail, I have gotten access to about 1,000 primary source documents which are part of the McCormick Collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

    I was able to get digital copies of at least half of the docuements which I would be delighted to share with your group. Most of the documents are business transactions related to the buying and selling of goods, but there are some which pertain to slaves. There are a half dozen passes for the stage and railroad as William Graves was the stage and rail agent.

    I found your website because I was searching for Maria Evans,who I think is the research example in your Bleak House project. I have a copy of a receipt for her payment as a cook, with her signature, but also the heading “Messrs Richardson and Sclater”. I am wondering if they were agents or brokers of some sort. Anyway, I hope an interested party receives this e-mail. Several months ago, I wrote a similar e-mail to an African American geneaology group in Charlottesville and never heard back. Maybe their website was old.

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