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CVHR Meeting (May 4, 2017): Researching Montpelier’s Enslaved Community

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Elizabeth Ladner, Director of Research at Montpelier, reviewed the evolution of research relating to the large enslaved population that supported the Madison family, including the stories of a number of enslaved individuals.  She also provided a sneak peek at Montpelier’s upcoming exhibit, “The Mere Distinction of Colour.”

CVHR Meeting (June 6th): Exploring the Plantation at James Madison’s Montpelier

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

The Montpelier Archaeology Department is in the middle of a multi-year study of the homes for the enslaved community on the estate. Matt Reeves will talk about their four-year NEH study of four house sites within the historic visitor core as well as the larger property surveys for outlying quarters. With both projects, they are involving the public though one-week excavation programs—which have resulted in some great partnerships for promoting archaeology and Montpelier. Stefan Woehlke (University of Maryland grad student) will also discuss his GIS mapping project for placing this information into a larger geographic context.

NOTE: the CVHR meetings are being held in a NEW location: The African American Heritage Center (AAHC) is located in the Jefferson School City Center in Charlottesville, 233 Fourth St. NW.  There is plenty of parking.  The AAHC is on the second floor at the south end of the building.